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Super Bowl ticketsThe Super Bowl is the final game of the National Football League (NFL) season, played to determine the league champion.

The game is a contest between the American Football Conference (AFC) champion and the National Football Conference (NFC) champion and in recent years has taken place in February as the NFL has added teams and games over the course of years.

The name Super Bowl was first used for the third game of the series. Before that, the game was known as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game before the American Football League merged with the rival National Football League in 1970.

Lamar Hunt, former owner of the AFL Kansas City Chiefs, is credited with creating the phrase Super Bowl.

With the exception of the 50th Super Bowl in 2016, the league has always used Roman numerals to identify the game.

The Super Bowl is always played on Sunday, two weeks after the games that determine the champions of the two conferences. The NFL did at one time shorten the interval to just one week, but they switched back to two weeks in order to allow more time to promote the game.

With all that said, this year’s Super Bowl is bound to be a big one (as always), so get your Super Bowl tickets today and be there to witness it LIVE!

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